DIY bride's bouquet with Gentle Flowers

I am starting a series of posts on DIY projects for the wedding. Today I have an amazing florist Alena Manoli from Gentle Flowers  helping us to put a beautiful bridal bouquet.  Alena has more than 10 years experience and knows how to do it perfectly!  

1. Go to the market and buy fresh flowers. In our bouquet Alena used tulips, hyacinths and iris. Make sure the buds of flowers are not damaged. Once bring flowers home, do not forget to cut and moisture the bottoms of the stalks.


2. Clean leaves from the bottom of the stalks.

3. Begin the bouquet from the strongest and most beautiful flower. In our case it is iris. 

4. All flowers are gathered as spiral and grouped by colour.


5. The next layer is always below the previous one. This helps us to get a beautiful round shape at the end. 

6. When all flowers are gathered together, we tie the bouquet with twine in the most narrow spot. Be careful not to damage the stalks! 

7. You can decorate your bouquet with the beautiful piece of lace or ribbon. Or just leave it in a vase and use it as your table arrangement.