DIY Wedding Invitations with CWI and Tips from Mashas Photos

When I chose invitation for my wedding, I felt overwhelmed with the variety and prices. Let's face it most brides want to find good quality and pay reasonable price for the product.  I've been looking around for ages to find premium quality DIY invites, and guess what? Good news! I found it! Classic Wedding Invitations creates unique and delicate wedding invitations for any budget. 

The designs are made using revolutionary laser cutting technology, insuring each invitation is produced with precision and beauty. The intricate detailing and high quality materials contribute to the unique romantic feel of every composition. 

Once you get your DIY laser cut cards, all is left is to print at home the details of your wedding and insert the note to your card. 

My 3 wedding invitation tips:

1. Order one extra invite for yourself. Don't forget to take it with you on your wedding day. Your wedding invitation can also be a prop when photographing bride's getting ready in the morning.

2. Be timely. The most common question asked is when to send your wedding invitations. The best time is to mail your invites 6-8 weeks prior to a wedding. Nowadays when people are constantly busy 10 weeks has become a norm.

3. Don't lick! Use a glue! When you have 100 invites to send, please do not lick all these envelopes. Use a glue stick. You don't want to get paper-cut tongue. And using water is not a great idea, you might ruin the paper by wiping the adhesive way.  


You can browse the whole range of DIY invitation here